Sample of the English Translation

The English Translation Sample (based on my Chinese translation)

Chapter 1

1. I Dao [Truth] can be talked about [described or theorized] in any manner each person considers feasible, though hardly any of these descriptions will be perpetually valid; Names [Descriptions] can be ascribed to Dao in any manner each person deems workable], yet hardly of these will last forever.

1. II In the beginning it is beyond us that the world and the universe [Heaven and Earth] were nameless [both inexplicable and indescribable];
[Nevertheless,] whatever happened to be possibly named [described] by us are the mother [origin of the descriptions of] myriad [all and every] things and creatures.

1. III Accordingly,
I constantly refrain from my selfish [subjective] desires, In order to explore [objectively] the manifested wonder of it [Nature];
I also constantly maintain my volition [to seek objective know ledge], in order to pursue its [Nature’s] deep seeded enigma.

1. IV These two [Dao and De] were originated from the same source, but they were described with different names by us.
They are both depicted as profound [and intricate in each of its own right]; The profundity [complexity] intensifies as we fathom its wonders further and deeper;
It will eventually, [lead us)] to the gateway of all mysteries.

Chapter 2

2.I In our world: When there was a consensus on what should be judged as beautiful, a convention on what should be disliked [as ugly] was brought in based on convention of such correlations; When there was an agreement on what should be deemed good, a conventional criterion on what was evil [not good] was thus decided upon.

2.II Accordingly, [the following contrasting concepts were formulated because of their relativity]:
Existence [being] and non-existence [nothing] are dependent [concepts] on each other;
Difficulty and easiness are determined by comparison;
Long and short are conjointly formulated;
High and low owe their existence to their relative positions [to the observer];
Melody and noise are distinguished by [the rule whether a stream of sounds has internal harmonization];
Front and back are joined together by respective positions [of objects to the observer].

80.0 [Ideally, if the world could be made into a paradise]
States should be independent small countries sparsely populated;
Even though there are utensils big enough to serve tens or hundreds of people there is never any need to use them;

81.II A Sage does not accumulate [goods and properties];
He adheres to the principle that the more he helps others, the more [De] he gains;
The more he gives, the more abundant [De] he aggregates;
The highest(heavenly) Tao is to do good to [others] without harming them;
The way of a Sage is to pursue [the happiness for others] without contesting them [for worldly Gains].