Outline of Laozi and Laoism


Taoism (Daoism) Dmystified

The Demythologization of the often Misinterpreted
Taoism(Daoism) and the Wisdom of Laozi Interpreted.
by Chen Lee Sun, MA

The original Taoism in depth as conveyed in Laozi’s own untwisted direct linguistic expressions and Daodejing should thus be directly and unpretentiously translated, as close to the original as possible in modern plain languages.

(This page is the preview of the draft of the above book to be published by xlibris.com in 2013)

Laoism—the demythologization of distorted views on the agnostic and the first libertarian Laozi’s thoughts on religion and philosophy et al.

Philosophical Perspective PP Ontology, self-knowledge, Epistemology, rationalism, Empiricist. Naturalism,(framework), relativity 道可道。。。道生一。名。。常名。有无相生。。相对论。。命。。常。。道德。。真象。。天之道。。逻辑推理,明。。圣人,天(上帝),常身久视

Sociological Perspective SP humanism, humanitarianism, utilitarianism, altruism, egalitarianism libertarianism-communism, Share-wealth, Education & management application to military strategy 淡泊,无欲,寡欲,慈,简,不为天下先,平等,共产,天之道vs人之道,圣人

Political Perspective PP liberty(freedom), human rights, open society, libertarianism, communism, small government(minimizing & streamlining big governments), democracy, ethical leadership(selfless and care for people), authority & individual, government(sizes) & anarchy, (military strategy), small government, philosopher-king Saint-politicians who mindful of rights of individuals and practice the policy of non-interference.
无为,无欲,慈,简,不为天下先, 爱民,小国寡民,人之道,圣人

Economic Perspective EP laissez faire, fair distribution Psychological Perspective know thyself, self-help
Religious Perspective RP spiritual ascendency ( in search of : God, ascend of mans and its society)
淡泊,自然,宁静,天人合一,圣人, 修身之道
Libertarianism Similarity between Christianity & Laoism, Similarity between Buddhism & Laoism DEEP SINCERITY

A journey of thousand miles started with a single small step
“A journey of thousand miles started with a single small step” (Laozi)

千里之行,启于跬步。(原文 不积跬步,无以至千里)

Sample of various artists’ depiction of Laozi’s leaving the maddening warring Central Plain of China by making the long journey to cross the border to the rather anarchic wildness. It is famously known as Laozi Crossing the Border to wildness. Right after he was ‘persuaded’ to flush out his thoughts to write the book Laozi 老子 (later known as Daodejing 道德经). (this painting may be modern)