Laozi’s Statue

The earliest linguistic form of Laozi

Laozi's StatueThis statue is carved, in the Song Dynasty, on a piece of naturally formed rock along its contour. It had taken eleven years for the completion(1241-1252 AD). Its height is 7.5 meters. It is located in Quanzhou, Fukian Province. This original stone statue was frequently imitated all over China, particularly in the 20th Century and until now.

Confucius Consulting Laozi
Statues commemorated Confucius’ consulting Laozi in 6th Century BC (also located also in Quanzhou, Fukien) near the above statue. Stonewall color painting depicting the meetings between Laozi and Confucius(circa 3rd Century BC).

Ancient Laozi Copies
A. Guodian bamboo LAOZI, discovered in a 4th Century BC tomb; it is the oldest book discovered in the world history.
B. The copy of Laozi Commentary by Wang pi.
C. Guodian Bamboo Book image & restoration Laozi on bamboo slips (4th Century BC)
D. Painting of Laozi by Zhao Meng-fu of the 13-4 Centuries AD (viewed and approved by 11 emperors since completion)
E. A 2009 released oil painting for public free use by Chinese painter Yu Guangsheng for free use, approved by Laozi Association in China.

Laozi's Birth Place
A. A giant statue of Laozi built in Sung Dynasty (8-11 Century).
B. Stonewall color painting depicting the meetings between Laozi and Confucius
(3rd Century BC).
C. Laozi’s Birth place 鹿邑县 in the State Chen 陈国 during the Spring-Autumn era Laozi Was born (770-456 BC).