Laozi’s Daodejing

LAOZI’s Daodejing 老子的道德经

The English & Chinese TranslationBased on Laozi’s Original Daoism From the Chinese Hermeneutical & the Western Philosophical Perspectives

Contents of the Book

Introductory Remarks
Prologue—The Inspirations and philosophical Background of this Translation
Chern陳省身, Mathematics and Philosophy
Popper波普尔, Greek Philosophy and Laozi
Ayer艾耶尔, Empiricism, Logical Positivism and Pragmatism
Needham the Greatest Microbiologist-Sinologist
The Methods Used in This Translation/Interpretation

Part One Introduction
Laozi’s Daoism & His Book Daodejing (Daodejing or Laozi)

Section A The Book Laozi—Daodejing ( Taoteching)
Chapter I Laozi’s Influence on Daoism and Confucianism
Chapter II A Biographical Sketch of “The Old Master-philosopher”
Chapter III Buddhism, Christianity and Laozi, Religion & Philosophy
Religion & Philosophy–The Origination of Chan(Zen) Buddhism
Chapter IV Confucius’ Relation With Laozi
Chapter V The Philosophy of Laozi—Laoism & Its Relation to Daoism

Section B The Truth About Laozi—The Original Philosopher of Daoism
Chapter VI The Truth about Laozi’s Original Daoism & Its Difference With the Popular Religious Daoism—Its Offshoot
Chapter VII The Authenticity of the Person Laozi & His Book Laozi (aka Daodejing)
Chapter VIII The Proof From An Epistemological Perspective
Chapter IX The Proof From A Logical Perspective
Chapter X The Proof From A Historical Perspective
Chapter XI The Proof From A Linguistic Perspective
Historical Linguistics
Epistemological Linguistics
Chapter XII The Dao of Laozi’s Daodejing—Conclusion

Part Two The English Translation of Daodejing(based on The Original Daoism)
Book A The Book on “Tao”(Chapters 1 to 37)
Book B The Book on “Te”(Chapters 38 to 81)

Part Three 中文部份 The Chinese Translation of Daodejin g道章
Chern and Laozi陳省身与老子& 老学研究简介 The Book on Dao—First thirty-Seven Chapters

Calligraphy of the outstanding Calligrapher –painter Zhao Menghfu(1254-1322 AD), who was also a dedicated and arduous reader of Laozi 老子

Laozi Chern Math Philosophy