The book is dedicated to the memories of

Three people who were Enthusiastic about seeking the true meaning of the book Laozi
(aka Daodejing) & this English and modern Plain Chinese Translation:

Sir Karl R. Popper 波普尔 (1902-1994)

A Great Philosopher of the 20th Century The author of The Logic of the Scientific Discovery
The Open Society and Its Enemies
Conjectures & Refutations
The Myth of Framework

Sir Alfred Ayer 艾耶尔 (aka A.J.Ayer, 1910-1989)

A Great Modern Empiricist
The author of:
Language, Truth and Logic
The Problem of Knowledge
Freedom & Necessity
Thomas Paine

Chern Shiing-Shen 陳省身 (1911-2004)

The Great Mathematician of the 20th Century (one of the fathers of the modern differential geometry)
The creator of
Chern Classes
Chern-Gauss-Bonnet Theorem
Chern-Simon Theory


“You should make an effort to let the world know of the true Laozi. I like both your Chinese and English translations of Daodejing.”
– Professor Chern Shiing-Shen 陳省身教授

“Your work on Lao Tzu promises to be very interesting.”
– Professor Sir Alfred Ayer (A.J.Ayer)

“I strongly recommend to you a new translation of Lao Tzu from a very remarkable translator, a Chinese lady Lee Sun Chen Org, who deeply believes in the importance of this work for humanity.”
– Professor Sir Karl Popper