Laozi & Laoism

Philosophy of Taoism(Daoism) Organized, Demystified Demythologized


The First & the Greatest Chinese Philosopher’s Thoughts
on Religion, Economics, Sociology, Politics & History Analyzed, Explained in Common-sense & Demythologized

(a new book under construction and will be published by xLibris in 2014)

A companion book for the book on Laoism—Daodejing Translation available:
Based on the translation in Laozi’s Daodejing 老子的道德经–中英白话句解

The Most Accurate (Demythologized & Demystified) Chinese& English Translation Based on the Original Taoism through Chinese Hermeneutical and Western Philosophical Perspectives (ISBN 9781462 067237 & e ISBN 978146207224)

Web Contents Quick Links

  1. Laozi’s Statue (most appropriate illustration).
  2. Photos of the ancient copies of the book Laozi recovered and painters’ conception of Laozi manifested. Also the map of Laozi’s birthplace in the 5-6th Centuries BC.
  3. Book Review by Professor George Leone.
  4. The Essential Philosophy of Laozi and the history of his Theory practiced in China briefly Explained.
  5. Dedication.
  6. Popper & Laozi.
  7. Einstein, Chern, Ayer and Laozi.
  8. Outline of  Laozi & Laoism -Philosophy of Taoism(Daoism) Organized, Demystified & De-mythologized 老学:老子道德经的哲学.
  9. Sample of the English Translation.
  10. Sample  of the Chinese translation(the Base).
  11. LAOZI’s Daodejing 老子的道德经 book content.
  12. Quotes from the book.
  13. Introductory Remarks on the Right Approach to be Accurate with the Translation
    of Daodejing.
  14. Sample of Laozi Daodejing 老子道德经 in Seal characters etc.
  15. Sample of  Laozi Ma Wang Duei Cotton Book (reconstructed)—the oldest book, a piece of the priceless ancient antique in the world.

Daoism Symbols

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